Dermal Filler Removal

Dissolving hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers reverses the effects of cosmetic enhancements made with hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers.
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Benefits of Dissolving Dermal Fillers

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    Correction of uneven results or overfilling.
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    Refine aesthetic issues from the previously injected fillers.
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    Convenient and comfortable treatment with optimised results.
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    Restores natural appearance for renewed confidence.


What is Dermal Filler Dissolution

HA fillers are commonly used to add volume, smooth out wrinkles, and enhance facial contours. Dissolving hyaluronic acid (HA), fillers reverse the effects of cosmetic enhancements made with hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers.

Dissolving dermal fillers involves injecting hyaluronidase, a naturally occurring enzyme that breaks down hyaluronic acid. When injected directly into the treated area, it helps dissolve the HA filler, allowing the body to absorb it.

This beauty-refining procedure is relatively quick, and the results are noticeable within a few hours to days. However, it may require multiple sessions depending on the amount of filler and specific circumstances.

Why Consider Dermal Filler Removal
The following reasons may prompt individuals to reverse or adjust the results of the HA filler treatment.
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    Dissatisfaction: Individuals may not be comfortable with the results of their filler treatment.
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    Complications: Rarely, complications like unevenness, lumps, or overfilling may occur.
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    Change of Preference: Personal preferences may change, leading individuals to desire adjustments or removal of the filler.
Before undergoing a filler dissolution procedure, individuals should consult a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon to discuss their concerns and determine the most appropriate course of action.

The Procedure

The Process Involved in Dissolving Dermal Fillers

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    Identification of the filler type to ensure it contains hyaluronic acid.
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    Application of Topical Anesthesia to enhance patient comfort, though this step is optional.
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    Injection of hyaluronidase directly into the areas where the HA filler needs to be dissolved.
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    Monitoring and adjustments may be made to achieve precise corrections and the patient's desired goals.
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    Post-procedure care and instructions , including recommendations to minimise swelling, redness, or bruising.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Hyaluronidase is generally considered safe and has been used for many years in various medical applications.
Yes. Hyaluronidase is generally considered safe and has been used for many years in various medical applications.
The results of dissolving fillers are generally considered permanent. However, for patients with years of filler treatments, the resultant scar tissue caused by the fillers may add additional bulk that may require surgical removal.
Dermal filler dissolution is most effective for hyaluronic acid-based fillers. It may not work for permanent or semi-permanent fillers, which may require different approaches.
Dermal filler dissolution is minimally invasive, and scarring is rare. The injections are small and made with precision to minimise potential scarring.
Waiting for a specific period before a new filler treatment may be recommended. This allows time for any residual swelling or redness to subside and ensures an accurate assessment of the corrected area.
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